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322 Western Avenue
Petaluma, CA, 94952
United States

(707) 763-2276

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The Find - Petaluma is a consignment and home furnishings store featuring current, vintage, retro, classic, and contemporary furniture. Additionally, as a collective our 18 dealers offer a wide and varied selection of unique and unusual items. Please feel free to stop by and browse our wonderful  collections.

322 Western Ave. 
Petaluma, CA 94952


instagram: thefindpetaluma

email: thefind.petaluma@gmail.com



Monday          10am - 5pm
Tuesday         10am - 5pm
Wednesday    Closed
Thursday        10am - 5pm
Friday             10am - 5pm
Saturday         10am - 5pm
Sunday           10am - 4pm

If you are interested in consigning your gently used furniture, please read the Consignment Agreement below

to familiarize yourself with out policies:

A.   The Find - Petaluma will take items on consignment for a 50%(The Find) -  50%(Consignee) consignment agreement.

B.   The consignment agreement is for 90 days.

C.   Payments (check) for items sold are mailed the 1st of the month following the sale of the item(s).

If your item(s) is not sold in the first 60 days – it is discounted 25% for the next thirty days.

  At the end of 90 day consignment agreement – you have three options:

   1. You can donate the goods to The Find-Petaluma, and item(s) will be donated to a non-profit organization.

         2. You will be notified and your unsold items must be picked up within 14 days. After the 14 day period, a storage fee of $7.00 per day will be                    charged.   Items left for an additional three (3) months will be considered abandoned and become the property of The Find -Petaluma.                         Consignee forfeits all rights to item(s). It is the responsibility of the consignee to contact The Find to make arrangements for pickup.

               3. You can talk to The Find-Petaluma about renewing your contract.

               Purchase Option: If you choose to sell you item(s) rather than consign, The Find will, at its discretion, purchase your item(s). The purchase price                    will be 50% of the consigned amount, less an additional 25%. Example: If an item were to be consigned for $100.00, the commission split would                  be $50/$50. The Find would offer 75% of $50, or $37.50, to purchase the item(s). This offer does not apply to all consignment item(s).

     D.    The Find-Petaluma has the right to refuse any items presented for consignment

     E.    We do not accept any electronics, appliances, etc….anything with a plug (some exceptions).  

     F.    Items must be clean (No smoke, stains, dirt) and in good repair    

     G.    The consignee’s goods are on consignment at The Find-Petaluma under the consignor’s own risk.  The Find-Petaluma accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damage.

     H.    All Items considered for consignment must be viewed and the consignment agreement contract signed, prior to goods being displayed at the store.